* MIDI/CV/SYNC module
* CV out with 1 V/Oct
* Mod-Wheel out
* 5 volt Gate out
* Sync out, Roland and MFB compatible
* M-Bus connection for faster workflow
* MSRP: 79,- Euro


The MIDI/CV interface offers CV/Gate-, modulation- and start/clock trigger out.
A jumper sets the format (Start/Stop 5/0 Volt, Clock 96/Takt or Start/Stop je 1 Impuls, Clock 16/Takt).The moduls Learn function sets the MIDI-channel.
Another interesting feature is the M-Bus connection, i serial data interface with 12 times speed of Midi interfaces. One cable connection transmits all trigger- and CV-voltages as controller values, no additional wiring is necessary. The modul transforms all Notes and CCs from Midi channel 10 into M-Bus system.
The modul has a widht of 30 mm (6 HP).