* MFB-522/Tanzbär Lite and Tanzbär (BD 2) style analogue bass drum
* controller knobs and CV inputs for Tone, Decay, Tune and Pitch
* controller knobs for Noise
* dynamic trigger input
* new M-Bus connection for faster workflow
* MSRP: 99,- Euro


The Bass-522 modul is based on the 522 circuit and offers a punchy attack, long decay and wider pitch range. We added adjustable noise and pitch envelope.
The sound can be triggered by Gate, M-Bus and signals like piezo pickups, dynamic mics and drum pads. The Sense parameter decide the sensibility and dynamic of attack, amplitude. decay and pitch.
Following parameters are available and can be controlled by CV:
TONE damps the attack transient.
DECAY sets the release time of the amplitude.
TUNE definates the basic pitch from around 35 to 70 Hz.
PITCH controls the amount of pitch envelope.
NOISE mixes the noise floor (no CV control).

The modul offers the new developed M-Bus connector whats mean you can you control everything via Midi/CV interface or our new SEQ-01 Pro drumsequencer without additional patching. Following adresses are supported:
Trigger with Velocity - Midi Note #35 or #36 (switchable) and controller values for Tone, Decay, Tube, Pitch and Noise Decay.
The module has a width of 40 mm (8 TE).