Welcome on MFB website! MFB is a company specialized in compact and powerful electronic music instruments. Since 1979 MFB is one of the important forward thinking manufacturer in electronic music domain. Due to the fact we are very well connected to the music scene we have an ear and soul at the right place.


REST IN PEACE MANFRED FRICKE. Dear musicians and customers, Manfred Fricke born 08.09.1950 (in Berlin) MFB company founder and CEO passed away on 17.06.2021 at 10:58am peacefully and without pain in the circle of his family. His son Jean Marcel Fricke will continue the company in cooperation with Manfred's previous partners. For this, a phase of transition is inevitable. Since Manfred and Jean Marcel unfortunately did not have the time to organize this transition smoothly, there maybe a lack of correspondence in telephone and written support. Please understand this.
For all who re looking for Dominion Club Info and Files:
Dominion Club
We expect to deliver the next batch of Tanzbär 2 by mid/end of October. However, we must and would like to emphasize that we are also affected by the worldwide lack of availability of components. Nevertheless we will do everything to keep Manfred's visions and principles alive.
The Team of MFB
We uploaded new OS for Dom Club, Synth Pro and Beta for Tanzbaer2. For last one pls have in mind to use WIN or older versions of OSX, cause actual needs digital signature we need time to implement.
Dominion 1, Dominion Club, MFB-301 Pro and all modules got discontinued. The MFB-501 Pro is still available.
A new Youtube Video of Cave Way about Tanzbär 2 you can watch here: Cave Way - hands on Tanzbär 2
The Synth Pro has received new firmware. Users Manuals, Updates are available here at our website. Some first soundsnippets:
Manfred shows the VCO section
Synth Pro Drones by yapacc
First reviev by Martin Stimming: : Electronic Beats review
Jean Marcel demonstrates the Tanzbär 2 at Schneidersladen: Youtube Tanzbär 2
Sounds and Patterns for Dominion 1, Tanzbär, Tanzbär Lite and Tanzmaus are available at Rides in the Storm