* Analog/Digital Drumcomputer with 8 analog plus 8 digital Instruments offering a Monster Sound
* Analog: Bass Synthesizer with SSI Filter, Kick 1&2, Snare 1&2, Tom/Conga 1-3
* Digital: 3 Sample Voices with analog multifilter, 5 Sample Instruments with 2 types each voice
* 16 LFOs with different waveforms and Midi synced rates * Free downloadable Sampletransfer Plugin (around 300s internal memory with 208 sounds)
* Direct User Interface, LCD Display und Mixer mit Fadern
* Tight Step Sequencer with various Steplenght each Instrument, 16 Flam types and 2 additional Midi channels for external gear
* 100 Patterns with up to 64 Steps and Chain feature
* Individual and global Swing-Quantisation
* Recordable Sounds for each Step (Parameter Lock)
* 12 individual Outs and one Stereo Output
* Midi Sync, IN, Out/Thru, USB and Midi Dump
* Compact metal chasiss with wooden panels and USB Power Supply
* MSRP: 979,- Euro


The Tanzbär 2 is a further development of the successful Tanzbär with a slightly different concept. Here, in addition to the LCD display, emphasis was placed on a hybrid structure, which allows the sounds to be selected more versatile, and the bass voice has also been upgraded to a fully-fledged synthesizer. The drum machine features 7 analog percussion instruments, an analog bass synthesizer, 3 digital sample voices with analog multifilters and 10 sample instruments, of which 2 instruments share a sample voice. The samples can be exchanged via a free tool offered on our website and allow everyone to have their own personal drum sound. The sample memory contains around 300 seconds for 208 samples. Also noteworthy is that each instrument has its own LFO (replaces the „Bend function in the predecessor Tanzbär) and thus does not stand in the way of diverse modulations. The sequencer has chase programming and can store 100 patterns. The patterns can be chained via "CHAIN" and have up to 64 steps (A / B / C / D). Furthermore, 16 different Flames can be programmed, multiple triggers are a breeze. The plumb line can be adjusted individually for each instrument, making it easy to realize polymetric grooves. 32th, 16th or 16th / 8th triplet is adjustable as a metric. There are 4 different Accente available by instrument. The sound parameters can be recorded by step recording. Two tracks appeal to external Midi instruments, practically, no external sequencer needed! The shuffle can be individually or globally regulated in strength. Step programming also sends Midi Out and of course can control other sound sources.
The drum computer can be synchronized via USB or MIDI via Midi Clock. In addition to a master volume, each instrument has its own volume slider (except for four sample voices where this is controlled via the endless dial) and the mute button mutes the individual instruments. There are 12 single outputs (mini jack) and a stereo output (large stereo jack) available.
TANZBAER measures 330 x 170 x 60 mm. Power is supplied via the included USB power adapter.

Parameter of each instruments:
Bassline: Decay, Cutoff, Resonance, Envelope, Waveform, Tune, Attack, Octave
Kick 1: Attack, Decay, Tune, Pitch, Pitch Decay, Noise, Transient
Snare 1: Snappy, Snappy Decay, Tune, Detune, Detune, Tone, Pitch/Decay
Kick 2: Decay, Tune, Tone, Pitch, Pitch Decay
Snare 2: Snappy, Tune, Tone, Snappy Decay, Pitch/Decay
Tom/Conga 1-3: Tune, Decay, Pitch, Pitch Decay
Voice 1-3: Tune, Cutoff, Decay, Resonance, Hold, LP/BP, Bit Crush
Open/closed Hihat: Decay, Tune, Hold, Bit Crush
Percussion 1-3: Decay, Tune, Level, Hold, Panorama
Crash: Decay, Tune, Level, Hold, Panorama
Midi 1-2: CC A, CC B - assignable
LFOs: Rate, Amount, Wave, Destination