* Club version of the outstanding Dominion 1 Synth
* two analogue VCOs and one Digital Wave with morphing waveforms
* two Suboscillators , Noise, XOR and Sync
* morphing analogue 24 dB Multimodefilter with Selfoscillation
* two morphing LFOs with „One Shot“ & Reset function, one mod wheel LFO, two ADSRs
*Arpeggiator, Realtime- and Step Sequencer with Motion Rec
* Midi CC controllable, Midi, USB and M-Bus Interface
* USB Host IN and Headphone Out
* MSRP: 519,- Euro


DOMINION CLUB is a monophonic synthesizer with an analog sound engine and a supplemental digital oscillator. The oscillators’ and LFOs’ waveforms can be seamlessly blended. In addition, DOMINION CLUB offers 99 memory locations, a step-sequencer, an arpeggiator as well as comprehensive MIDI control.

The price of DOMINION CLUB is 519 Euro