* Two MFB classics in a single unit: MFB-501 and MFB-KULT
* 8 analog drums and 8 sample based sounds with parameter lock
* Internal ROM for 128 samples
* USB-import of user samples
* Classic step-sequencer with 2x16 steps
* Programmable pitch and length per step
* Pitch, length and extra parameters controllable using MIDI-CCs
* All instruments can be played dynamically using MIDI velocity
* Also works as MIDI-controllable sound module
* Memory locations for 108 patterns and 9 songs
* MSRP: 195.- EUR


The MFB-501 Pro drum computer is a modernized reissue of the model MFB-501 from 1980. It offers eight analog drum sounds which can be edited in four parameters each. In addition, the MFB-501 Pro offers eight sample-slots, just like in the model MFB-KULT. The internal ROM offers a selection of 128 samples from several drum classics. Using a USB-connection to a computer, it is also possible to import samples with a length of up to 1.5 seconds each.
The sequencer allows programming patterns with up to 16 steps and A/B-parts which can be combined to songs. The sound parameters of all analog instruments can be varied with each step (parameter locks).
The sequencer offers a shuffle mode with five intensities and can also be synchronized to an external analog or MIDI-clock.
The MFB-501 Pro can also be used as a sound module, where its instruments can be dynamically triggered via MIDI. The sound parameters can be controlled using MIDI control change commands.
Available connections are a stereo output, a separate adjustable headphone output and sync-input. Power is supplied from the included USB-power adapter. Updates can be carried out from a computer using the USB-connection.
The instruments‘ parameters are:
Bass drum: Tune, Decay, Attack, Volume
Snare: Tune, Decay, Noise, Volume
Claps: Decay, Attack, Volume
Tom: Tune, Decay, Attack, Volume
Bongo: Tune, Decay, Attack, Volume
Clave: Tune, Decay, Attack, Volume
Cymbal: Tune, Decay, Mix Noise/Metal, Volume
Hi-hat: Tune, Decay, Mix Noise/Metal, Volume
Sample 1 to 8: Tune, Decay, Volume